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Welcome to Project Chronos

This platform originates from the Hackathon SpaceApps Challenge 2014 and integrates information about space missions from NASA, ESA, and JAXA with our learn-by-playing paradigm to let you dive into space knowledge in an exciting way!

Pre-Launch Phase

The next era of space exploration will be driven by distributed and open exploration ventures. Thousands of rovers and micro-probes will be surfing the System, controlled by many private and public institutions and, eventually, by private citizens, with the goal of collecting and sharing data. Space is too vast to have restricted access: cheap technologies (micro-satellites, social participation, open challenges, private launchers), multidisciplinarity, and always more specialized knowledge are taking part to the race.

We, the Project Chronos team, want to become a reference point in terms of quality of access to real spacecraft systems and data. This, together with our gaming approach and artistic sensibility, will help us make space exploration knowledge accessible to everyone who is passionate: students, educators, fans and fans-to-be.

We started our project during a hackathon, and want to give to both agencies and common users a shared playground to meet and share, and test themselves on exploring knowledge and the vastness of space. We are really excited about witnessing efforts and outcomes of this open global community, and believe that anyone can participate and give her/his own contribution.

We are starting a funding round to promote the project, any kind of support from you is greatly valuable to us. Write us or follow the social accounts.